"Julia Wade is the female equivalent of Josh Groban, but there are hints of early Charlotte Church, too.  Julia knows how to evoke magic with her beautiful voice."


"[‘Come To Me As A Bird’] is performed exquisitely by the wonderful Julia Wade, whose heartbreakingly crystalline soprano and soaring passion matches the purity of the song’s spirit.”

“Soprano Julia Wade takes you on that inspirational journey with a voice so clear and pure there’s no room for doubt about her belief in the message and its source... Wade’s amazing voice deftly handles diverse styles.”

"The vocal estates of all involved including Julia Wade were never less than solid; indeed, there were fresh young voices here."

" ... a creamy, luxurious soprano that makes the transition between a chest and head voice with unerring ease and precision... a beautiful woman with a great voice."

"Right to the heart. Just MASTERFUL musicianship. Refined. Pure. Magical."

--JULIE GOLD, Songwriter of "From A Distance"

"Soprano Julia Wade and mezzo D’Anna Fortunato proved solid as the two more laid back women."

"Julia Wade as Miss Foster/Miss Sutton looked and sounded distinctly classy."

“Julia Wade’s ‘classical’ chops are used sparingly but also very effectively.  Peter Link’s sensitive arrangements perfectly complement Julia’s more relaxed and mature presentation.”
--JIMMY ROBERTS, Composer of Off-Broadway's 2nd longest running musical, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change"

"Star of this cast was buffa soubrette Julia Wade, kicking up her heels as the manipulative maid, going through brainstorms and disguises galore."

"Wade is at her best in the second-act waltz, where she brings out the contradictions of Monica’s growing coquettishness and her underlying feelings of love and compassion for Toby."


"Wade sings beautifully. She has a lovely voice, a commanding stage presence and her lyrics were easy to understand.”

"Julia Wade is a sensitive Monica on the threshold between childhood and womanhood, and her lyric soprano shone like a beacon."


Audience Response:

"Julia, your voice is an amazing silken dream."
--Fred Israel, Musician, New York City

"How often does one spend an evening of being beautifully entertained all the while your soul is being nourished!"

--Ingrid Michaels, New York City

“I have never in all my life heard a voice like yours and you should be nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best Spiritual CD of the next decade.”
--Celine Rioux, Canada

“I think music is a universal language and Julia’s ‘Alabado sea Dios’ speaks to me very deeply … I received this CD when my country Kenya was undergoing a very unharmonious and unhappy time. I believe her voice echoing over the seeming chaos has been, and continues to be a most healing effect to this city just as it has soothed and healed me.”
--Joseph Kamenju, Kenya

“Aside from the fact that her voice is lovely and the music is so good, Julia enunciates so that you can understand the words.  It seems as though most singers do not know how to sing so that you can understand them. On the other hand, perhaps they don't have much to say, so it really doesn't matter."

--Arlene Stauder, 
St. Louis, MO

“Seeing Julia in person is very special.  We appreciate the way Julia lives her songs.”
--Carolyn Stewart, Irvine, CA

“Your concert last night was perfection!  What’s most interesting is that it actually went way beyond a musical experience.  It inspired us all, whether we were musical or not, to take a look at our own lives and endeavors and reach higher—to reach for the same kind of perfection in our own lives your concert represents!”
--Christine Irby Williams, Houston, TX

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"So let Thy work appear

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us

For He hath made every thing beautiful in His time


Everlastingly beautiful"


Peter Link 

from "Beautiful"

on Julia's new sacred CD, "Sunday Morning"



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