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Julia's 2018 Broadway World Nomination!
November 25, 2018

Voting Is Now Open For
The 2018 Broadway World
San Francisco Awards! 

… And Julia was nominated for
Best Featured Actress in a Musical! 
Cast your vote for
Julia Wade - Best Featured
Actress in a Musical
Click this link to vote for Julia: 

Thank you for the Nomination!
Thank you for your Votes!
I am truly honored!

 "You have so many moments that are so real and full of heart.
Thank you for your beautiful work."
~Iris Rainer Dart, bookwriter & lyricist, The People In The Picture; Beaches
"Her instrument has developed a divine richness, from wine to sherry. In Stoller's 'Now and Then,' her phrasing is thoughtful and heart-rending..." ~Michael J. Vaughn, operaville.blogspot
"A soulful actress"


Thanksgiving: Your Inspirational Song of the Week!
November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here is your  Inspirational Song of the Week especially for this week of Gratitude. I love that Thanksgiving Day reminds us to be thankful not only once a year, but every day of the year.  And for this I am truly grateful.

Click here to listen from 11/21 through 11/27/18 anytime 24/7!

"The Evidence Of Things Unseen" Lyrics by Dora Redman and Peter Link; Music by Peter Link.  I

This song tells a familiar tale known to many from Biblical writings -- and relevant today and every day!  

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Saturday In the Park -- A Rehearsal Walk!
October 20, 2018

A Rehearsl Walk in the Park -- What it is:
I bring the music in my head and in my iTunes -- at  nature's invitation, and I walk it all out, outside -- dreaming it, doing it, thinking it, imagining it.  The lyrics, the characters, the meanings, the relationships, the circumstances, the wants and the whys, the rhythms and the doings all get a work out. 
To some, it might seem like a very Unusual Way to rehearse. It's not. Things So Big, So Small come into focus on these journeys.  I invite the people in my stories to join me and Come To My Garden.  Somehow, they magically arrive on The Wings Of Music and there's always Something To Talk About....


"Beauty" -- A Beautiful Article and Music Video
September 13, 2018

On the spiritual nature of beauty ...
What a beautiful honor to have the lyrics video of my recording of "Beauty," composed by Peter Link, included in an inspiring article aptly titled, "Beauty" by spiritual thinker, healer and writer, Annette Kreutziger-Herr. 
Click below to fill up with inspiration on the true nature of beauty and enjoy the video as well. Thank you Annette! 
To get the song or album, click here.


Alabado sea Dios -- Your Inspirational Song of the Week
August 2, 2018

Hey Folks!
The title song from my Spanish album, Alabado sea Dios is Watchfire Music's Inspirational Song of the Week!

This is one of my most favorite recording projects ever. What a joy to work with the wonderful Chieli Minucci on guitar with Peter Link's gorgeous orchestration of Melanie Alcazar's beautiful song.  
And -- I have to mention the beautiful vocals of Emily Bindiger, Margaret Dorn, David Oquendo and Russell Velasquez.

Take a listen 24/7 this week and just click here!


"Wings of Music" is your Inspirational Song of the Week
July 11, 2018

Featured on Watchire Music's Inspirational Song of the Week:  "Wings of Music," sung with pure joy by Julia Wade Music, gently lifts you into the sky in Watchfire Music's Inspirational Song of the Week!  Performed by Julia Wade | Music and Lyrics by Peter Link | Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link.


To listen in, click hereAnd you can also download and find out more about the song and the CD by clicking here!


Do you know about #ISOTW? It's Watchfire Music's Inspirational Song of the Week blog where songs are featured and available for live streaming.  
Click here to listen to ISOTW every week.



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